psychosexual therapy

Sexual problems are very common, they can be difficult to talk about and cause distress with feelings of  shame and embarrassment, living with sexual problems can affect your self esteem and may be a cause of relationship difficulties.

I can offer a safe confidential space to explore sensitively to resolve issues, working at a pace that feels comfortable.

I work with individuals and couples.

Common issues include :

  • dyspareunia (pain during intercourse)
  • erectile or ejaculation problems such as rapid or delayed ejaculation
  • fears around lack of sexual experience
  • high risk or compulsive sexual behaviours
  • loss of desire and arousal difficulties
  • orgasmic or anorgasmic problems
  • pornography issues
  • reducing anxiety around sex, relationships and intimacy
  • sexual abuse or assault
  • sexual health issues
  • sexual orientation questions or insecurities
  • sexual phobias or aversions
  • vaginismus